We provide the services and connections to ensure you realise your golf and development business objectives.

Business Consultancy

GolfArc is a network of professionals from a multidisciplinary background specialising in golf with connections spanning across the globe.

Our focus is to provide solutions for your golf business. This includes designing and building golf courses.

To complement this essential golf capability, our range of experiences; in golf architecture and construction, financial advisory services, golf club ownership and property, help us to add value on all major aspects of golf development.

Capabilities include:
  • Golf course design
  • Golf course construction
  • Project feasibility analysis and reports
  • Financial analysis
  • Golf tourism product development
  • Master-planning
  • Hotel consultancy
  • Investment and Finance

    We understand the financial dynamics of the golf industry and recognize golf’s place in the larger business and property environment.

    We can develop the financial analyses and present the essential business components of golf and property projects, developing business plans with clients. Uniquely, we can design golf course projects and present analysis of the financials of the greater project; in turn attuning the development and golf design to financial constraints and business realities.

    Finance and investment is the key to making any development happen. We are networked to investors around the world. If your project has sound business fundamentals we will seek to raise investment for it.

    Architecture and Construction

    We can deliver excellence in both the golf architecture element of a project and the construction of the golf course.

    The ideal formula for the delivery of a golf course is via a design and build methodology. Only then is creativity in the field truly facilitated and attention to detail ensured. It is also by far the best methodology for controlling costs and ensuring value for money.

    Click here to learn more about our golf course architecture philosophy.

    Recovered Soil

    Utilising recovered soil (often called landfill) is a proven method of enhancing your golf facilities by providing fill material to create new shape and interest for a golf course and sometimes to improve drainage.

    Accepting recovered soil on to a site can also generate revenue to self-fund the improvement process.

    We are experts in this process having managed the building of the largest golf project of this type in Scandinavia.

    It pays to use recovered soil

    Business Consultancy

    Golf is the king of sports, and a unique business. Our range of skills, knowledge and experience will help you take your ideas and project from concept to reality.

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    Investment & finance

    If you have a feasible and profitable project - we will help you finance it.

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    Recovered Soil

    Recovered soil (landfill) can enhance your golf course and generate revenue. We are experts with this process.

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    Architecture & Construction

    We are able to design & build you excellent golfing facilities that will fit your land, and also match your business model and budget.

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